Trendy spring/summer 2022 sneakers to add to your wardrobe

Sneaker season is officially open! The sun came out on the street, the puddles on the sidewalks dried up, which means that it is time for the most relevant shoes of the season. Prudent fashionistas studied the key trends back in winter and bought themselves a new pair (or better, three!). For those who are a little late, we decided to compile a guide for choosing stylish shoes. We are talking about fashionable sneakers for spring-summer 2022, from which all hypebeasts are delighted. And by tradition, we share a selection of cool options from the Oskelly platform!

White classic

White sneakers are not just a timeless classic, but a real fashion statement. Only the most adventurous fashionista can afford to walk around the city in them in unpredictable spring weather. While white sneakers are a perfectionist’s nightmare when it comes to maintenance, they also have an undeniable advantage. They are suitable for looks in any style – from casual and smart-casual to grunge and streetwear, and you can wear them not only with shorts and jeans, but also with dresses and sundresses. All in all, if you’re looking for a “universal soldier”, then white sneakers are ideal candidates for this role.

Interest in vintage items is still very high, and this trend has not bypassed sneakers. In the spring-summer 2022 season, hypebeasts will wear artificially aged shoes with worn soles, stains and even holes. An ideal example is the Golden Goose sneaker brand, which generally brought vintage sneakers into the category of a cult. But we found a few more examples in the collections of other brands.

Vintage sneakers

The trend with the funny name “daddy’s sneakers” came to us straight from the 80s, when massive sneakers with flared soles were in fashion. Even 40 years ago, this rough silhouette was present in the wardrobe of every self-respecting “boomer”, but by the beginning of the 2000s, picky millennials put dad sneakers on the list of anti-trends. Justice was restored by the Balenciaga brand, releasing a couple of years ago its version of “daddy sneakers”. Thanks to the triumph of street fashion, this model remains relevant in the spring of 2022.

Basketball shoes

This year, designers decided not to limit themselves to time frames – while some were inspired by the 80s, others turned their attention to the 90s era. In this decade, basketball shoes in the style of Air Jordan were at the peak of popularity. Today, this silhouette is back in fashion and feels very confident in everyday wardrobe. Inspired by the movie “Back to the Future”, we have found similar options for you in the assortment of Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and, of course, Jordan.

While some celebrities are reaching new heights with Versace Bratz shoes, others are opting for more practical thick-soled sneakers. First, they are really comfortable. Secondly, visually add growth. Thirdly, they look great with jeans, shorts and (unexpectedly!) skirts. Well, right 3 in 1!

Bright options

They don’t write about it in glossy magazines, but you can read it between the lines and feel it in the air – in the spring-summer 2022 season, bright sneaker models will be in fashion! Sneakers with color inserts like Nike, unicorn like Balenciaga, dinosaur sneakers like Christian Dior and futuristic style like Yeezy. In general, we give free rein to imagination and take the pair we like into our collection!