Golden Goose sneakers pair perfectly with skinny jeans

This post is a bit out of place for a jeans blog, but it’s still relevant! If you’ve ever been looking for sneakers that look good with jeans, this is definitely the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand! This post is not sponsored by any brand in any way, I just want to express my love for these sneakers as they look amazing with any pair of pants.

I really like to wear these shoes with cropped jeans so that there is space between the bottom of the pants and the top of the sneakers themselves. It looks very stylish, trust me! Higher models of sneakers are also provided and they look very good too!

Qualities that I like in the Golden Goose model:

  • Shoe shape and design
  • Slightly shabby look
  • Comfort

The shape and design of these shoes is really amazing because they are extremely smooth and thin so your foot will not look very bulky. I have a size 40 shoe and instead of the sneakers making my feet look wide or long, they actually make them look smaller and I really like that about them.

The slightly artificial worn look of the sneaker is perfect for everyday life because you won’t worry too much about getting your new pair of shoes dirty somewhere. These are the same shoes that are suitable for everyday wear and will look good with all jeans.

Also, it is worth mentioning that they are incredibly comfortable. They are a little stiff and very well made, I have never rubbed these shoes, despite the fact that I have very soft skin that blistered easily. I wear a looser pair, so maybe that’s why I feel so comfortable in them.

You can choose a silver pair or a white leather one, you can’t go wrong either way, these are amazing sneakers!

If you want a classic and simple model, then these are definitely for you! They literally go with anything.

If you want a more colorful and eye-catching sneaker, why not try leopard print? A large color palette is provided, for example, you can try black leopard. Just imagine how good it would look with black jeans?

Higher models with fleece are suitable for cold weather. These shoes will keep your feet warm!

Again, a simple pair is usually the best and safest option, and these are the shoes I wear so I can recommend! They are beautiful and so simple!