How to wear sneakers in adulthood: sports shoes for women

Sports shoes have long gone beyond the stadium, today stylized sneakers are worn with almost anything. Business suits, dresses, skirts – all this looks great with sneakers. However, ladies in adulthood still rarely include sports shoes in their outfits. And completely in vain, stylists are sure that at 50 and older, wearing sneakers is not only possible, but also necessary. They are extremely comfortable, practical and very refreshing images.

There are so many different trendy combinations

A pantsuit and sports shoes look great. The main thing is that the cut of the suit is relevant, not too tight. Cropped or tucked legs, a loose fit of the jacket is what you need. It is better to choose shoes to match the tone of the suit or take white.

Tapered black trousers, a white loose-fitting shirt – an impeccable set. It is better to take sneakers in the color of the outfit.

If you prefer loose trousers, sneakers are also great, but only if the legs are shortened to the ankle. white sneakers are a win-win option for any color combination.

In adulthood, do not forget about sets of sneakers and skirts. Almost any skirt, regardless of cut, looks good with sports shoes.
Don’t forget about color harmony.

Another successful combination is sneakers and a pleated skirt. The femininity of the skirt is combined with sports brutality and compensate for each other.

Even though white sneakers are the easiest to incorporate into your outfits, you shouldn’t refuse bright ones. For example, bright models look better with clothes of soothing colors. Moreover, you can complement the image with more than one bright accent, the main thing is that there is no bust.

A laconic and stylish model of a dress – a shirt, it is ideal for any age and style. this style looks almost perfect paired with sneakers.

Another stylish tandem is a trapeze dress and snow-white sneakers. You can complement the image with jeans, it will turn out moderately catchy and elegant.

Floral print dress with neutral sneakers. Once again, a denim jacket is a must-have element of a spring wardrobe.
Don’t forget bright accessories.

If you prefer neutral basic clothing, then you can safely experiment with shoes. A black plain dress will only be decorated with juicy yellow sneakers.

If the clothes are catchy, printed, it is better to choose discreet shoes. Light-colored sneakers fit perfectly. Don’t forget about accessories – they are very important.

So, strong sneakers in a mature look are more than appropriate thing that can make the outfit look young, fresh and airy.