“Worn-out sneakers” for $ 600 angered netizens

Shocking new designers

Netizens were shocked by the Italian fashion brand Golden Goose, which released a “worn” collection of sneakers.
They have a very worn appearance: dirty, slightly torn and also rewound with tape. As for the price, you need to pay about $ 600 for a pair of such shoes, writes TSN with reference to the Metro edition.

In order to give sneakers a “shabby” look, designers used various ointments and paraffins.

And the adhesive tape mainly flaunts on the toe or heel. In just a few days, the eccentric style of the shoe has captured the attention of Twitter users.

They were put up for sale on the New York site of the Barneys store. People differently perceived such a fashionable novelty with a mystery.

User Nerd Ferguson “friendly reminded that Barneys sells ‘worn’ sneakers (complete with duct tape) for $600.

Some buyers were genuinely shocked. Scottish comedian Limmy tweeted: “This is an appropriation of poverty, I have a pair of Adidas Samba trainers in the same condition. There is a hole in the sole from cycling. They are yours for £499.”

Other users, in turn, shared their own worn sneakers, which they rewound themselves with tape for free.

And of course – people still asked if there were sneakers from the new collection.

However, some wearers defended the brand, saying that “the way of life moves faster than fashion” and such sneakers will make the wearer feel special.

“Golden Goose makes sense. Do your research…these re-glued shoes will last longer than any Jordan.” And some have commented that the Golden Goose is itself: “Why are people only now starting to explore the Golden Goose sneakers. They are who they are.”