What to wear with sneakers Golden Goose

Sacrifices in the name of beauty are yesterday. Elegant but uncomfortable stiletto heels have almost lost ground on all but the most glamorous fronts. The trend is sporty chic, maximum comfort and wildly beautiful combinations of styles. The puffy tutu skirt has always looked cloying when used cutesy. But when paired, the skirt and sneakers suddenly radiate a fresh, fun vibe.

Skirt and sneakers

For bright models, you can wear a pencil skirt with a geometric print and a pullover in a restrained color scheme. And the juicy floral pattern of the top calls for a neutral bottom. Wearing white in this case is what you need. Experiment with contrasting textures and mix an airy floor-length chiffon skirt with chunky wedge sneakers.

Cross-country shoes for professional sports have zero “style index”. Choose walking models like Golden Goose for fashion experiments.

Forget about the dress and boring pumps. A dress with sneakers is a bold decision. A stylish model will transform even a shapeless bag that you once took for a dress in a boutique.

Dress with sneakers The most democratic combination is a sports cut dress and sneakers. Breathe life into it with a colorful scarf, an original eyeglass frame or a catchy wristwatch. They will become the missing pieces of the puzzle for an interesting and complete look.

If you want more daring experiments – correctly combine sneakers with a shirt dress, a strict A-line dress, designed in monochrome, or a classic knee-length fitted dress.

If you don’t have model parameters, mix things wisely. A short dress with oversized flat-soled sneakers visually shortens the girls’ legs. Combine high converses with a floor-length dress, low ones with a midi length, and complement a short dress with a model on a small platform.

Coat with sneakers – the perfect pair

Coat with sneakers

A classic straight-cut coat and sneakers are just made for each other, for this season, for sure. The main trend is laconic images and a restrained range, sometimes complemented by a bright detail. This is an explosive color of shoes, an element of a coat, a mega voluminous scarf, a bright bag or glasses. Do not overdo it – just one accent is enough.

Sneakers paired with an oversized coat is another great option. Pair it with pajama bottoms in the form of loose-fitting soft trousers, a matching pullover, and a simple clutch for a super elegant look.

If you prefer a cropped jacket or a sheepskin coat, then sneakers will help. They visually elongate the silhouette and make it more elegant.

How to wear sneakers with jeans and trousers?

What to wear with sneakers

Take out jeans or any kind of trousers from your wardrobe and try them on with your favorite pair. Even the bell-bottoms that are relevant this season, stylists recommend diluting them with sports shoes so as not to look too “retro”.

There is nothing to say about the tandem of jeans with sneakers: skinny, boyfriends, classics – everything will fit. Try to play tricks and complement a strict trouser suit with a pair of classic Converse or Golden Goose – you won’t go wrong.